About Shumbur.com

What is Shumbur?
Shumbur in Konkani means 100.

Shumbur Stories is an attempt to capture 100 stories. Of people that call Goa home.

And who are these people?
Well, without getting into specifics, here are some profiles that I want to talk to.

There is this hairdresser in Calangute that has been around for almost 100 years. The family that runs it. The critically acclaimed and yet commercially successful Bollywood writer and editor that calls Goa home. The Bitcoin miner that lives in Goa. A decorated naval officer that apparently has saved thousands of lives in the line of his duty. A lady that left her cushy job with a large banking group to open a pottery studio in Goa. The family from Gujarat taking the beer market in Goa by storm. The person that instituted an entire museum in the middle of an industrial area. The designer-investor couple that has found their calling in a pop-up restaurant. A Spanish-Korean couple that travels the world while they teach their respective native languages on the Internet. A hotelier from Delhi that wants to teach Indians how to enjoy luxury. The artist that sued Dior. The event manager that has taught literally every other event guy in Goa. A travel blogger that knows more about Goa than anyone else. The IAS officer that is responsible for making Goa a startup hub. An MBA that quit his job in the first year to run what today is the largest manpower business in Goa.

The list of people is endless. And so are the stories that these people have. And whatever little I know about these people, each person’s story is inspiring, intriguing, instigating, inviting, igniting, infectious, influencing, innovative, intellectual, intense, and well, interesting!

And this interestingness is what I hope to chase with Shumbur stories from Goa.

Come join me for a ride!

And, who am I?
Saurabh Garg. More at saurabhgarg.com and at @saurabh.
Curious. Wanderer. Writer.

Oh, this project is brought to be by the kindness extended by Rajesh Grover at VISCOMM and Nupura Hautamaki